Arts and Crafts

Cat Monstersmith is a freelance arts and crafts workshop facilitator, a teacher and a multi-skilled artist.

Cat provides a tailored experience as she designs all her samples and workshops to suit all contexts.
To date, several thousand participants have attended her classes.
One of her specialities is teaching 'Specific Skills Based on Recycling'.

Located in London, she travels anywhere in UK or abroad, according to contracts she undertakes.

She speaks fluently English, French and Spanish.

In this example, you are looking at a design created from a simple egg box.

1/Pre-cut shapes to prepare a skeleton that facilitates a 'creative focus on decorative skills'*.
The age group in this context is 3 to 5 years old.
2/Pre-Paint main parts as paint needs time to dry. Over this example there is not sufficient time allocated for this (refer:*).
3/Provide colours & materials that will attract both genders.

Decorative Textures from Recycled Parts

1/ Bundles of strips made from textiles. Made by ripping.
2/Recycled threads cut into tiny bits. Threads were left overs from ripping strips.

During Workshop

Not linked, to be recorded manually