A very friendly mosaic class in London in a lovely location

Hackney City Farm
1A Goldsmiths Row, corner with Hackney Road, E2 8QA London

Partipant's Artwork. Jane's mosaic
Close up of Jess cutting a tiny piece of tile Jess applying mosaic onto table top, depicting nature, moon and moth Jess's mosaic under construction
Every Thursday, 7PM - 9PM
FEE: £8.00 - Concession: £6.50
There is an additional small charge for materials, a one-off fee covering all materials needed from start to finished, based on flat surface, such as:
A5: £3.00
A4: £6.00
...as a reference
Note: Grout and Cement Adhesive provided are swimming pool standard (top graded quality), therefore suitable for long lasting outdoor purposes

Dimitri and Thierry happy to have created their 1st mosaic artwork which they achieved over one session Christian working on his mosaic fish Lindsay creating a very first mosaic Jill working on her second artwork, applying mosaic to clay flower pot

It works on a drop-in basis, pay as you go, so no term fee involved

Open to ALL levels

mosaic ornanment
Support is given to help you to realise any projects you might wish to accomplish
LARGE or SMALL scales

Additionally, the Farm runs 2 Adult Ceramic/Pottery workshops, weekly.
This provides the opportunity to create professional ceramic pieces that can be incorporated in mosaic creations. This opportunity opens a door to an even higher level of craftmanship due to this additional resource with practical access as pottery/ceramic class takes place right next to mosaic class.

~ Create and apply mosaic to 3D shape from plaster or cement ~
~ Restoration ~
~ 2D design and picture ~
~ Sign ~
~ Text ~
~ House number ~
~ Flower container, clay pot, garden decoration ~
~ Mirror frame and picture frame ~
~ Furniture (wood), shelves, chair, table top, hook display ~

An illustration of Helen's work. Following her first creation Helen casted a half sphere and applied her pattern onto it

Helen working on her first mosaic Close up photo of Helen's half sphere Helen working on her second artwork applying mosaic onto a 3 dimensional shape, a half sphere she casted using plaster as a base Progression of Helen's artwork

An illustration of concrete and stone use

Concrete and mixed stones Concrete and 2 types of stones

An illustration of Peter's artwork through stages

Peter beginning his Yin&Yen daulphins symbol Peter progressing, now working on the background of his artwork Peter is preparing, isolating area, before grounting his black dolphin with black grount, while the rest of his artwork will be grounted white Close up of the area grounted black

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